Employment Program

The Employment Program provides employment services for people with disabilities. We are a service provider for the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and an Employment Network.

People with disabilities are intelligent and capable….and qualified. They may appear as ideal job candidates in writing and through online applications, only to be dismissed as potential employees at the in-person interview due to their disability. CPWD acts as an advocate in our community, educating both employers and job seekers on the best ways to establish effective communication and accommodations so that people with disabilities can engage in meaningful work.

There are two goals of the Employment Program.  One is to prepare and train participants to conduct a job search and successfully secure a paying job. We help participants achieve this goal through the following activities:

  • Comprehensive intake to assess employment needs and goals, current level of skills and abilities
  • Preliminary job-seeking training including education in the following areas: 
    • How to conduct a job search
    • How to prepare a resume
    • How to complete a job application
    • How to interview effectively
    • Complete a written job-placement plan with specific goals
    • Support writing and completing a professional resume
    • Support conducting a job search, seeking satisfactory and stable employment in an integrated environment that is compatible with the participant’s strengths, priorities and capabilities
    • Application and interview training, including mock interviews
    • Job analysis and onsite employer consultation, including recommendations for worksite disability accommodations
    • Once placed, worksite acclimation support
    • Ongoing support and referrals as needed

The second goal is to provide Technical Assistance to employers.  Often there are myths to hiring people with disabilities—especially in the area of job accommodations.  Employers will have the following supports:

  • What accommodations are required and available (most cost less than $100)
  • Training on disability awareness and working with people with disabilities
  • Federal and State incentives for hiring people with disabilities
  • Accessibility in their business

As a Center for Independent Living, CPWD also supports participants with other life and independent living needs during and after the job-placement process such as applying for Social Security, finding housing or moving, transportation training and other needs as they arise.

For more information on the Employment Program, please contact our main office at 303.442.8662.


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